Highly effective psychotherapy combined with medication management as needed

Maor Katz, M.D

Balanced compassionate care
Maor Katz, M.D

Services for Therapists:

  1. Case Consultations: We all get stuck, from time-to-time. If you have a specific question about the treatment of a single patient, this option may be right for you. When in doubt, it's a good idea to talk with at least one other colleague about the case and document these discussions in your notes.
  2. Individual Supervision: You can rapidly improve your skills as a psychotherapist by receiving ongoing supervision and training. There is always room for improvement. Individual supervision provides you with the training and support you need to function at your best. Thankfully, the cost is a tax-deductible business expense for therapists. Instruction is in the use of the TEAM model of psychotherapy.
  3. Small Group Supervision: If you want to split the cost of supervision with a colleague, you can join a small supervision group. Groups are limited in size, so there may be a waiting list.